We offer a great variety of baking tins and cake moulds
made of a high quality food steel

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Sakura Form Set With Recipe

$ 42
$ 29

Set of 6 Forms Of Copper Cannelle Diameter 35 Mm Height 355 Mm

$ 94
$ 78

Set of 6 Forms Of Copper Cannelle Diameter 45 Mm Height 45 Mm

$ 109
$ 91

Set of 6 Forms Of Copper Cannelle Diameter 55 Mm Height 55 Mm

$ 117
$ 98

Form For Shortcrust Pastry Ring Diameter 120 Mm

$ 10
$ 9

Table Stand For Cake 5 Tiers (350 Mm, 300 Mm, 260 Mm, 200 Mm, 160 Mm).

$ 111
$ 104

Table Stand For Cake 3 Tiers (350 Mm, 260 Mm, 160 Mm).

$ 72
$ 59

Table Stand For Cake Height 150cm, 5 Tiers

$ 260
$ 234

Shaped Round Shape Height 120 Mm, Diameter 160 Mm - 300 Mm

$ 23
$ 21

Shaped Round Shape Height 200 Mm, Diameter 140 Mm - 250 Mm

$ 30
$ 23

Shaped Round Shape Height 150 Mm, Diameter 200 Mm - 400 Mm

$ 30
$ 23

Shaped Round Shape Height 150 Mm, Diameter 140 Mm - 250 Mm

$ 23
$ 20

Shaped Round Shape Height 200 Mm, Diameter 200 Mm - 400 Mm

$ 36
$ 30

Baking Form Figure "Banana" Height 50 Mm, Length 280 Mm X 70 Mm

$ 9
$ 7

Form Figured "Flower" Height 95 Mm, Diameter 200 Mm

$ 8
$ 6
We can offer you baking tins
you always needed
made of food steel
Is baking of cakes, cookies or desserts your true passion? Or you are a pro or a beginner in the magic field of baking industry. Baking tins and cake moulds are the first thing you need in your kitchen! Ventsar production facility based in Krasnodar can offer you baking tins made of food steel with any diameter, height and design.
Why to choose us? There are 4 reasons:

Quality and durability

We produce tins from high quality food stainless steel with nickel at our own production facility. Such steel is very good for either low or high temperatures. Our baking tins get deformed neither in the freezer nor in the oven. It means that all your desserts either a puffy sponge-cake or a cold cheesecake will be perfect!


It happens quite often that you need a baking tin or a baking mould right now to serve for an important celebration, special cake order or a final exam at a pastry school. For those who cannot wait, we have a plenty of different baking tins in stock. In case you decide to make an Order, it will take us 2-3 days to produce a baking tin. We can also arrange a worldwide delivery.

We have baking tins you will hardly find in the shops

It can be complicated to find baking tins made of steel with high edges for mousse cakes. For modern European desserts, height might be crucial. Taking into account modern trends, we offer you baking tins with height 15-20 cm. High round and rectangular forms are also available. We can produce any baking tin with higher edges upon your Order request.

We will produce exactly what you need

We can offer whatever you need for your cooking masterpiece: round baking tins for European desserts or square baking tins for honey cakes, low edge rings for cheesecakes or high edge rings for puffy sponge-cakes, small forms for cookies and jellies or cuttings for a gum paste. You can order solid or expandable baking tins made of stainless steel with any diameter, height and configuration, heart shaped, flower shaped, banana shaped, drop shaped or any other shape upon your request and design.

About Us

Our business startup is closely
linked with our family...
Since 2015 Ventsar family production facility has been producing steel baking tins and baking moulds in a plenty of types and sizes. The creator, main inspirer and one of top managers Aleksandra Belyak tells the story how hobby turned into a business enterprise.
«Our business startup is closely linked with our family. When I was pregnant with my second baby, I went to a pastry school of an amazing pastry chef Yuliya Stovbun: I wanted to learn the entire secrets of how to bake tasty and beautiful cakes. During the studies, I required a round baking tin of a particular special size for making a chiffon cake. I asked my husband to produce it for me. At that time my husband Valera had an air ventilation system company and a workshop with different machines and tools. He made me a round baking tin, I brought it into my class and all the Ladies claimed they wanted to have the same round baking tins! This was a starting point.